A year ago today

by T on April 8, 2010

A year ago today — to the hour — I was, as I am now, tired.

I’m tired now because Simon woke up twice in the middle of the night last night, which is uncharacteristic for him. Suffice it to say that our little one-year-old is going through some “changes” (no, not puberty; no, not menopause, either; please don’t make me talk about poop on the Internet … oops, I’ve said too much!)

But a year ago, I was tired because I hadn’t slept all night. Not that I was thinking about that, a year ago today. There was far too much going on. Too much anticipation. Things were happening. And I remember it all so clearly, unlike the blur of the days and weeks that followed.

So yes, Simon is one today. It’s a ridiculously small number, as whole numbers go. One-thirty-fifth of my current age (though, God willing, that ratio will be decreasing as time goes on). But — and I know all parents say this — so much has happened in that time.

We haven’t been the best chroniclers of all 365 days on this here blog, but so it goes. But I did want to mark the occasion with a post today. Happy birthday, son.

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