Well, we know he can hear…

by J on May 18, 2010

Before Simon had his ear tube surgery last month, he wasn’t hearing very well. His ears were filled up with fluid, and it wasn’t draining. As time wore on, we became more convinced that what originally seemed to be selective hearing (What? Exercises? I won’t acknowledge you because I’m playing with these…things.) was actually loss of hearing.

Flash forward to Ear-Tube-Containing Boy! We were pretty sure, about a day after the surgery, that his hearing was much more acute. But we needed evidence. You know, aside from turning toward our voices, waking up when his bedroom door squeaks, or anticipating every truck and lightrail vehicle coming from a block away.

Today, I got the evidence.

Simon and I were waiting at the DMV to renew my license. He was sitting on my lap, and started making the sign for “dance.” It’s not so much a “sign,” per se, as a whole-body vertical enactment of The Worm. He made it up himself. He only does it when there’s music playing and he wants me to dance with him. “Son, there’s no music right now. I don’t want to dance. Do you want a cracker?” “Dance! Dance!” he insisted. I was perplexed. And a little concerned. Was this the start of a continuous Silent Stadler Dance Marathon at the DMV and All Day Long? Did he now think dancing was the Most Fun Thing All The Time?

And then it got really quiet in the already-pretty-quiet DMV. There was, in fact, terrible waiting room music playing very softly from a speaker on the other side of the room.

So I acknowledged his acute hearing and my error in recognizing that there was, in fact, music playing. And I offered him another cracker.

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