Eight Months Old

December 15, 2009

Simon turned eight months old last week. When he was a little bitty guy, there would be at least one person per day, yes literally, who would tell me how quickly he would grow up and what little amount of time he would spend being his current size and shape. I figured it was easy […]

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Do Not Buy This Book

October 27, 2009

Book Review: Salmonella (by some author whose name I can’t be bothered to look up because his book is that dumb) Last week, Simon and I went out looking for toys. Big kid toys, like trucks, trains, puzzles, and balls. Evidently, by nine months of age (i.e. in 2.5 months, so we need to start […]

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Lessons from, and for, the local teenagers

September 28, 2009

[Apologies to all of you who’ve already heard this story, but our lives are otherwise lacking in stories that don’t center around spit-up and poop, so when something like this happens, we pretty much have to get as much mileage out of it as possible.] There we were, putting Simon in the car, getting ready […]

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No Surgery for Now

September 16, 2009

Apologies to the grandmas, from whose newsy e-mail I’m taking the majority of this post…but c’mon grandmas, you know you want to read it twice. We met with Dr. Sleep today to follow up on Simon’s second sleep study. We hadn’t met him previously, and we really like him. He’s one more data point in […]

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Simon medical, Mama’s take

September 6, 2009

Todd and I have been meaning to post something like this for a while now, explaining Simon’s current and historical health situation to any and all who may be interested. The question was who should write it, and in what spare time. I guess I win? Todd promises to give his take at some point. […]

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Simon Sleep Study, Take II

September 2, 2009

Last night, Simon did his second sleep study. The first one (two and a half months ago) was inconclusive, which is to say that the data were really dismal (showing “moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea”), but he’d had a terrible and atypical night, so no one knew whether he always had bad nights or […]

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Grabbing: A Perpetually Charming Skill

August 31, 2009

[Editor’s note: J actually wrote this a couple of weeks ago, but there have been any number of good reasons why it hasn’t been posted until now, including J’s not having become familiar with WordPress yet and thus relying on your anonymous Editor to post things, the existence of the Scramble and/or Wordscraper games on […]

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The Barium Ingestion Club

August 7, 2009

Several weeks ago, I got to do an upper-gastrointestinal-and-small-bowel X-ray. While I can’t say that it was “enjoyable,” it was interesting from a scientific point of view — my being, you know, a chemistry teacher and all. Seeing pictures of your insides is both macabre and fascinating, and it was nice to be told by […]

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Likes and dislikes

August 3, 2009

Things Simon likes: Looking at the mirror on the floor at the correct angle to see Mama or Papa sitting behind him. Putting his elbow down Mama’s shirt. Mirror Baby — he grins really big, then turns away and shyly buries his face in my shoulder. Songs about the disproportionate sizes of his belly and […]

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Disgusting but fascinating

July 13, 2009

Or, How to remove cradle cap, as a side effect of an unrelated medical procedure A few weeks ago, Simon completed a sleep study through OHSU. Now, while it didn’t actually occur at OHSU (but at the Marriott Residence Inn) or really involve that much sleep (for either Simon or me), it did get rid of most of his […]

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